Community of Practice

Community of Practice for Negotiating and Implementing OA and Transformative Agreements

The OA2020 Community of Practice was established to expand the shared knowledge and implementation of OA (open access) and transformative agreement principles and mechanisms.

The number of new open access and transformative agreements is rapidly growing, yet an understanding of how they work is far from universal.  Mutual exchanges of ideas, tactics, and a deeper knowledge of the current and potential models will foster opportunities for open access publishing on a larger scale. 

Experienced OA and transformative agreement pioneers share their experiences and approaches and collaboratively address emerging issues and models. Collectively, the Community discusses such topics as the importance of data analysis in agreements, faculty and institutional buy-in, and the impact of shifting funding models and workflows into open access. All library and academic faculty and staff are welcome.

October 20, 2020 Pre-conference Workshop at the 2020 Charleston Conference: How to successfully negotiate and implement transformative and central open access publishing agreements

Presented by: Colleen Campbell, Mat Willmott, Curtis Brundy, Mike Hawthorne, and Cheryl Ball

September 30, 2020 Meeting: Stakeholder alignment in preparation for negotiating open access agreements

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Links mentioned during the presentation:

July 10, 2020 Meeting: How to gather, analyze and use publication data for negotiating open access agreements

May 14, 2020 Meeting: Negotiating and Implementing OA and Transformative Agreements