About this Site

We’re committed to open access.

The OA2020 US Working Group serves as an information-sharing community for institutions that have signed the OA2020 Expression of Interest (EoI). These institutions believe that OA2020 represents a viable path forward to transitioning the corpus of scholarly journals from subscription-based to open access.

Represented on this site as of January 2021 are the following U.S. EoI signatories:

  1. California State University, Northridge
  2. University of California, Berkeley
  3. University of California, Davis
  4. UCSF (University of California, San Francisco)
  5. University of California, Merced
  6. University of California, Riverside
  7. University of North Texas
  8. Iowa State University
  9. University of California, Los Angeles
  10. Wayne State University
  11. University of California, San Diego
  12. University of California, Santa Barbara
  13. University of California, Santa Cruz
  14. UT Southwestern Medical Center
  15. University of California, Irvine
  16. Center for Research Libraries

We offer our statements & tools.

OA2020 is one of several movements aimed at establishing universal open access for scholarly journal literature. So, why did we choose to sign on to OA2020? And how does OA2020-organized by European institutions-translate to the needs of scholarly publishing stakeholders in the U.S.?

We have created this site to offer explanation both of what we signed onto with the OA2020 EoI, and why we did so.

We also hope that other U.S. institutions and campuses considering paths forward to universal OA can make practical use of this site in answering: Why should we want to implement universal OA, and how does OA2020 advance us toward this goal?

Please see the Resources & Contact page if you have further questions about our considerations and processes in getting institutional approval for the EoI.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please e-mail us at: oa2020us@googlegroups.com.