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Considering OA2020 at your institution?

Below are resources that U.S. signatory campuses have prepared that may be of assistance in debating or pursuing signing on to OA2020 in your own institution.

Sample roadmap for U.S. institutions

To assist institutions with decision-making about which OA strategies, possible next steps, or experiments to pursue in order to achieve large-scale transition to OA, the UC Libraries prepared an analysis of the various approaches to or models for achieving open access, and the actionable strategies that exist to implement each approach. This analysis, compiled in the Pathways to OA toolkit, was endorsed by the UC Council of University Librarians (CoUL) on 27 February 2018.

Prior to the Pathways to OA toolkit, OA2020 signatory UC campuses had drafted a preliminary OA2020 UC campus roadmap, as a non-binding, non-prescriptive framework that could be used and modified to help guide signatory campuses’ implementation of the OA2020 Expression of Interest.

Summary of procedures to achieve buy-in

While each institution will have unique entities and units necessary to bring to the table for discussing OA2020, we want to offer you a glimpse of the processes we used at our own campuses as we advanced toward signing the EoI.

Promotional materials

Here are links to our signing letters, press releases, and other promotional materials describing our participation in OA2020’s EoI:

UC Berkeley

Library press release

– Blog posts

Supporting OA2020: Changing the journal funding model to pre-payment doesn’t increase publisher market power

Economic thoughts about “gold” open access


Library press release

Signing letters

– PowerPoint presentation to Executive Council

Rationale for signing

UCSF talking points memo

Iowa State University

Library press release

Joint Statements & Articles

What’s Behind OA2020? Accelerating the Transition to Open Access With Introspection and Repurposing Funds

Why OA2020?

Have you signed the EoI?

If you are a U.S. institution or campus that has signed the EoI and wish for your supporting materials to be included on this website, please contact us via the link below.

Additional questions? Contact us.

Representatives at the U.S. signatory campuses involved with this website welcome any questions. Please e-mail us at: